This is where I'll try to convince you that I'm an interesting person and that you should go to my about page.
But I realize that you may not care, so I will then try to get you to check out my portfolio. Now I just something in my portfolio so I can show you. If neither of those sections scares you away, you might want to contact me for whatever reason, so I'll try to get you to fill out the contact form.
Home Page Completion The home page is pretty much complete. However, it lacks content, and even though this doesn't link to a full story, it should help show how the post section will work. 08/28/2012
Magic8Ball This was one of my first experiments using AIR for Android. I only published it to have something for friends and such to see, but it got more than 15,000 downloads. But even if this linked to a real page, it would be more of a portfolio item than a post. 06/05/2011
Older Item Now I'm just putting random stuff here so that you get an idea what the post section will look like. 03/04/2005
Birth The day I was born. Obviously it was a big achievement for me. Why else would birthdays be celebrated? If the parents had done all that much, don't you think they would be the ones getting presents on that day? And just because you're reading this, my birth has affected you, no matter how insignificantly. But yeah, still just filling empty space. 02/10/1994